|USAF|  United Strategic Attack Force

We Stand United, Together


When I look at USAF's history, all I see is your name, Nick. The fact that you stood faithfully by their side after living through the clan's death, reviving it, challenging the clan that killed it, winning, establishing a golden age, coming to the aid of your ally, declaring war on that clan again, winning, retiring, and then coming back to keep it united after a near-fatal riot is simply exceptional! When other leaders failed and lost hope, you created hope for them. I have no clue how you do it - put up will all the political b***s**** that comes with the job of being the leader - but you do better than I can.

On behalf of your allies in the 173rd and a few of your fellow USAF/JSOC members, thank you for your service. Since you refuse to recognize yourself as hero and use this damned video, I'll make post it for everyone to see on the home page :D!.

Your pal,

John Wesley

Colonel, Special Operations Division

173rd TRU Virtual Realism

P.S.: Sorry for hacking your site, but by the time you notice, I'll be long gone! :P